You Can Run Mac OS on the Nintendo Wii and Flip it Into the Final Gaming and Productiveness Machine

You Can Run Mac OS on the Nintendo Wii

Mac OS sur la Wii avec Mac-On-Linux

Making the Nincintosh (Mactendo? MacinWii?) depends on a hacked Wii’s capacity to run a Linux-based OS by way of the unofficial Homebrew Channel, which in flip facilitates Mac-on-Linux, which permits Mac OS to run below Linux. A disk picture of Mac OS 9.2 on an SD card is inserted into Wii and after booting the console and opening the Homebrew Channel, BootMii is used to begin Linux after which Mac OS, minus the enduring startup sound—certainly one of many points when working the OS on a gaming console.


Points with resolutions make Mac OS 9.2 look extraordinarily ugly on the Wii, however Dandumont was capable of get Web Explorer 5 to load, minus a working web connection, iTunes, with sound that crackles earlier than the applying rapidly crashes, and even Doom, which musters only a single body each minute making it fully unplayable.

Mac OS 9 debuted seven years earlier than the Wii did, and Dandumont questioned if a newer model of Apple’s desktop and laptop computer OS would have extra success. Sadly, Mac OS X calls for not less than 64MB of RAM to perform, and the Wii can’t provide up any greater than 52MB, inflicting the OS to crash at startup. In order spectacular as it’s to see the Wii studying new methods, it’s not a substitute for Apple’s {hardware}.


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