Paramount+’s Push to Be Star Trek’s Sole Streaming House Ran Afoul of One in all DS9’s Greatest Episodes

Irritating for followers at the very best of instances, however much more so when it’s an episode as beloved as “Duet.” Though later seasons of Deep Area 9—which give attention to the dramatic, morally grey areas of the Federation being pushed right into a devastating struggle with the Dominion—typically led to the first few pre-Dominion-War seasons of the present being left a bit of under-appreciated because the thematic vegetables before dessert, “Duet” is an instance of simply how early on DS9 might show it was able to some unimaginable emotional storytelling.

The episode focuses on the lingering trauma Main Kira, a former Bajoran freedom fighter turned liaison officer between her individuals and the Federation aboard DS9, feels in regards to the Cardassians’ brutal occupation of her homeworld previous to the collection’ starting. When a Cardassian affected by a deadly situation induced at a former Cardassian work camp throughout the occupation involves the station for remedy, Kira is livid, accusing the person of heinous struggle crimes. At first, the Cardassian claims to have been a submitting clerk on the camp, however beneath Kira’s emotional interrogation, he reveals himself as Gul Darhe’el, the “Butcher of Gallitep.”

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Only, the Cardassian isn’t. As Kira comes to learn, “Duet” is about the pain felt by people on both sides from the Cardassian’s occupation of Bajor, and Darhe’el is indeed none other than a filing clerk named Marritza, impersonating the war criminal as a way to process his own trauma and shame for playing a part in the horrors of the occupation. The episode offers a gut-wrenchingly emotional story about prejudices in the wake of a devastatingly traumatic event, and how people caught up in the horrifying acts of oppression are forced to process that, no matter how uninvolved they might have been in the larger conflict. It’s a truly incredible piece of Star Trek storytelling, with brilliant performances from Nana Visitor and Harris Yulin as Kira and Marritza—and a stellar example of why Deep Space Nine’s early seasons shouldn’t just be critically dismissed as the predecessors to the really interesting stuff.


So you can see why Star Trek fans got a bit miffed at it randomly vanishing from what will soon be the sole home of streaming any kind of Star Trek. And not just any, either. Eventually, DS9 producer Steven Ira Behr weighed in on the absence of “Duet” on Twitter—and it was solely then that Paramount+ backtracked, with its absence now not a difficulty of rights however an obvious miscommunication:


“Duet” lives to tug in your heartstrings on Paramount+ as soon as extra. However ought to it take commentary from a present’s producers to repair points like this? It’s not the primary time that Paramount’s been caught in a Trek streaming snafu currently both—on the worldwide entrance, because the studio pushes to carry Paramount+ to extra markets, Discovery fans were enraged to find that the collection had been utterly pulled from its worldwide residence on Netflix simply days earlier than the premiere of the fourth season. That additionally necessitated intervention from members of the solid and crew, resulting in a hasty retreat and compromise so worldwide viewers might sustain with the present alongside U.S. ones.

For now, traditional Trek nonetheless exists partially on streamers within the U.S. exterior of Paramount+. But when Paramount desires its personal platform to be the definitive residence of Star Trek streaming, it will probably’t actually afford to have any episode, not to mention iconic ones, randomly vanish into inaccessibility. io9’s reached out to Paramount for touch upon the scenario over “Duet,” and can replace this put up if we hear again. However within the meantime, why not watch “Duet” your self? Some individuals would possibly say it’s pretty damn essential.


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