New Scans Reveal 2,300-Yr-Outdated Mummy Boy and His Gold Treasures

CT scans of the mummy revealed the boy's skeleton and amuluts (white spots on rightmost scan).

CT scans of the mum revealed the boy’s skeleton and amuluts (white spots on rightmost scan).
Picture: SN Saleem, SA Seddik, M el-Halwagy

Over a century in the past, the mum of a teenage boy was present in Nag el-Hassay, Egypt. The physique stays wrapped to at the present time, however a workforce of researchers simply used CT scanning to look by way of the linens to seek out 49 amulets on and contained in the boy’s physique.

The mother was in a Ptolemaic cemetery about 500 miles south of Cairo, making the stays about 2,300 years previous. The CT scans the workforce performed additionally revealed particulars of the boy’s well being earlier than he died. Their analysis is published at present in Frontiers in Drugs.

Just like the pharaoh Tutankhamun, the just lately studied mummy was a male of excessive socioeconomic standing who died younger—round 14 or 15 years previous, by the researchers’ measure. He was about 4 ft, 2 inches tall.

The boy’s social class was deduced from his ornate burial—the workforce refers back to the stays because the “Golden boy mummy” for its gilded face masks.

Beneath the mum’s wrappings, the researchers discovered extra proof of wealth: 21 totally different shapes of amulets, 30 of which had been fabricated from gold. The amulets had been deliberately positioned at particular locations on the physique; a gold tongue amulet was within the mummy’s mouth, which the researchers imagine was finished to permit the boy to talk within the afterlife. A two-finger amulet was positioned subsequent to the boy’s penis, which the researchers imagine was to cowl up an embalming incision.

The mummy found inside the sarcophagus.

The mother discovered contained in the sarcophagus.
Picture: SN Saleem, SA Seddik, M el-Halwagy

“This mummy’s physique was extensively adorned with 49 amulets, fantastically stylized in a singular association of three columns between the folds of the wrappings and inside the mum’s physique cavity,” mentioned Sahar Saleem, a researcher at Cairo College and the examine’s lead writer, in a Frontiers launch. “Their function was to guard the physique and provides it vitality within the afterlife.”

In an e-mail to Gizmodo, Saleem mentioned that the workforce couldn’t decide a explanation for loss of life, and from what they may inform, the boy was in good well being. Because the inside organs had been eliminated in the course of the mummification course of, Saleem added that indicators of illness could have been within the long-gone viscera.

Because of CT scanning, researchers are getting a greater view of historical mummies than ever earlier than, while not having to open or harm the artifacts. Click on by way of for extra pictures of the “Golden boy mummy.”


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