Michelle Rodriguez Turned Down Avatar Sequels As a result of She’s Accomplished Coming Again From The Useless

As Michelle Rodriguez defined in the course of the interview, the final time she crossed paths with James Cameron, he pitched her the thought of her character making a return sooner or later “Avatar” sequels — contemplating among the people who died within the first movie got here again for “The Means of the Water.” Rodriguez was not on board, and reportedly informed him, “You’ll be able to’t try this — I died as a martyr.” It is actually refreshing to listen to that she cares sufficient in regards to the integrity of Trudy Chacón’s story to verify her loss of life continues to imply one thing, however Rodriguez’s disinterest in getting back from the lifeless can also be rooted within the truth she’s carried out it three different instances in her profession:

“I got here again in ‘Resident Evil,’ I wasn’t alleged to. I got here again in ‘Machete,’ I wasn’t alleged to. I got here again with Letty [in the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies], I wasn’t alleged to. We won’t do a fourth [time], that may be overkill!”

The frequency by which Rodriguez performs characters who die solely to pop up in later movies simply because is fairly wild as soon as it is spelled out. “I do not perceive, it is so bizarre,” Rodriguez informed the publication. “I assume they do not know what to do with the woman who would not have a boyfriend.” Look, she has a degree. Rodriguez would not personally subscribe to any labels, however she has publicly confirmed that she is not straight, and infrequently performs canonically queer or single, queer-coded characters in motion movies. In case you ask me, it is a testomony to her expertise as a performer as a result of she constantly performs characters the audiences love and are devastated to lose.


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