Martin Scorsese’s Goncharov (1973) Is the Biggest Mafia Film By no means Made


The power, mass, and sheer unhinged enthusiasm that Tumblr has wholeheartedly embraced this “misplaced Scorsese film” with is an inspiring instance of collective storytelling and spontaneous fandom era, impressed by the neighborhood itself. Primarily, Goncharov (1973) is just not a movie, however a sport. And solely Tumblr is aware of the principles, as a result of the principles of Goncharov (1973) are the principles of Tumblr itself.

What’s Goncharov (1973) about?

The specifics of the plot of Goncharov (1973) are, as you’ll anticipate, mercurial. Most would agree that Goncharov (1973) is the story of a gaggle of Russian mobsters who’re dwelling in Naples. What is totally true is that Goncharov (1973) stars Robert de Niro as Lo Straniero/Goncharov, Harvey Keitel as Andrey (or Andrei) “The Banker” Daddano, and Cybill Shepherd as Katya Michailov. Al Pacino additionally makes an look as Mario Ambrosini and Gene Hackman is Joseph “Ice Decide Joe” Morelli.


These characters had been all created by Beelzeebub, who illustrated and named them, and who additionally clarified (on the poster) that the movie was written by Matteo JWHJ 0715 and directed by Martin Scorsese. These are the one truths of Goncharov (1973), however even then individuals prefer to think about that it was truly directed by Matteo JWHJ 0715 and never Martin Scorsese, however that’s a fandom drawback. The reality is correct there on the poster! There’s additionally a second feminine lead, Sofia, performed by Sophia Loren, though she was added to the fanon after the poster was produced. In keeping with Beelzeebub, “what makes this fandom distinctive is that beside the character’s names, there isn’t a different canon. Individuals can do no matter they need.”

Beelzeebub was impressed to create the characters and the poster as a result of they thought that it could be one thing that “perhaps 10 of my mutuals would love.” They’ve created pretend film posters earlier than, so the truth that this was a film based mostly on knockoff merchandise (broadly thought of to be a computer-generated misprint of the movie Gomorrah) “simply appeared humorous.” Beelzeebub is, naturally, a giant Scorsese fan, and whereas they’re “shocked” on the response, they are saying that they’re having quite a lot of enjoyable watching every little thing occur.


Fandom appears to agree that Goncharov is a Russian gangster of some type who has come to Naples together with his spouse, Katya. There’s quite a lot of homicide. Goncharov and Andrey (and in addition generally Goncharov and Mario) have a latent homoerotic pressure, stemming from their anxieties concerning time and legacy. Katya and Sofia are doing their greatest to remain beneath the radar and in addition discover their very own personhood, whereas additionally coping with quite a lot of forbidden-fruit metaphors and the thought of ladies because the originators of sin. You possibly can see that Scorsese’s personal oeuvre has performed into these concepts. A lot of that is up for debate.

How do you play Goncharov (1973)?

The sport is straightforward to grasp. You might be roleplaying somebody who has seen Goncharov (1973), Scorsese’s misplaced masterpiece, and also you put up about it on Tumblr. You possibly can put up by including to the visible lexicon of the movie reminiscent of creating fanart, gifsets, and even threads concerning the costume design. You possibly can have interaction in direct film improvement/scene creation; one instance is powerbottombrucespringsteen’s brief message:

“When Katya stated “In fact we’re in love. That’s why i attempted to shoot you.” And Goncharov stated “If we actually had been in love you wouldn’t have missed.” 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫.”


Which then spurned cascading reactions and world constructing, culminating in sword-of-stardust’s response;

“This, after which when Andrey kills Goncharov on the finish… Andrey didn’t miss.”

You can even play Goncharov (1973) by posting memes, making use of widespread codecs to the movie, and including to the neighborhood understanding of reactions to the movie, which is emulating a fandom. This can be a crossover transfer, normally taking each visible additions and scene constructing. The OT3 put up by hannycat922 is a superb instance of this.


Moreover, you’ll be able to play by posting meta responses concerning the movie, shifting Goncharov from into the actual world and establishing it firmly in a type of uncanny valley of unreality. So you’ll be able to play by posting bits like my very own Goncharov put up—which learn, merely, “I shouldn’t have time to turn into obsessive about Goncharov once more I actually don’t I noticed it in school 10 years in the past and I turned mentally unwell unwell for 3 semesters”—but additionally fake Letterboxd reviews, newspaper clippings, and excerpts of pseudo-academic papers and essays.


That is the place individuals like wondersmith-and-sons are writing posts that start with “Chapter. 5.2: A Roman soldier or a Dane? Goncharov (1973) and the post-modernist framework” and finish with “—Francine Rubek, Violent Delights, Violent Ends: On Queer Readings of Masculine Tragedy (2003, Oxford College Press)” That is additionally the place we get posts like clementine-kesh’s writing, which begins “Excerpt from Haunted by the Narrative: Fictional Fiction on the Finish of the Early Web Period, by H. Ma and T. O’Neill. Printed within the Journal of Digital Archeology, Challenge 43, pp. 87-93, Might 2094.” (Additionally, this post, by loverboygf, made me chuckle.)

It needs to be famous that there’s already fanfiction of Goncharov (1973), the place persons are rewriting a film that has by no means been made. Kind of in a single day, a pretend film poster has impressed over 300 items of fanfiction. Whereas the Archive of Our Personal operates outdoors of Tumblr, the 2 communities are intricately linked. Posting on AO3 is one other approach to earnestly and consciously play the sport of Goncharov (1973).


I’m certain there are different modes of gameplay; I can’t doable catalogue all of them. However most posts appear to slot in a number of of those three classes. No matter taxonomy, all of the customers enjoying Goncharov (1973) apply the commonly-accepted aesthetics and neighborhood of Tumblr tradition in a means that’s fully distinctive to the social media web site. There are not any guidelines past the unstated guidelines of Tumblr, that are typically fairly versatile to start with.

Why do individuals care about Goncharov (1973)?

Really there shall be dissertations written on this complete Goncharov (1973) phenomena, however there appears to be a number of key explanation why this sport has taken off on Tumblr. The primary is that Tumblr has fostered a tradition that loves an in-joke. When one person posted a tongue-in-cheek response to the knockoff boots that stated merely “this fool hasn’t seen goncharov” everybody purchased in. The spine of improv storytelling, the “yes-and” methodology of fandom celebration, has at all times been part of the Tumblr tradition, and as individuals continued so as to add to the mythos of this pretend movie, they added of their favourite elements of fandom whereas additionally conserving their mode of expression enmeshed within the cultural folkways of Tumblr. In any case, playfulness, enthusiasm, and fandom are core tenets of Tumblr’s person base.


Another excuse that folks latched onto Goncharov (1973) is as a result of Scorsese has a particular aesthetic, particularly with regards to Mafia movies, an enormous physique of labor, and a solid of actors that he has persistently labored with. So apart from the truth that it was enjoyable to create a pretend Scorsese movie from the ‘70s, it was additionally simple. At the same time as particulars shifted throughout the positioning, the themes, concepts, and pillars of Goncharov (1973) remained the identical due to the established archetypes, motives, and communal understandings of the style that Tumblr customers are working inside in addition to the person’s understanding of Scorsese’s personal (actual) movies.


Goncharov (1973) can be new, shiny, and finally an extremely low-stakes fandom. It’s not actually actual, subsequently everyone seems to be appropriate, and no person actually has any unilateral say over what’s or isn’t true. It takes the subjectivity of interpretation and goes one step additional, making a subjective textual content, bypassing the media and going proper for crucial evaluation and neighborhood.

Gaslight, Gatekeep, Goncharov

Inside Tumblr tradition there’s a deep sense of each playfulness and absurdity. Creating a complete movie and its historical past throughout the cinematic output of America based mostly on a single piece of fanart that was made as a joke after a misprinted shoe promoting a movie went semi-viral two years in the past ought to really feel weirder than it’s. However for Tumblr this isn’t weird just because Goncharov (1973) is a local Tumblr sport you could solely play on Tumblr. It’s an expressive fruits of fandom tradition, evaluation, and an unimaginable celebration of the creativity that’s on the coronary heart of the social media web site. The significance of Goncharov (1973) isn’t the canon; it’s what you do with it.


If in case you have an outdated Tumblr account now could be the right time to brush it off and soar in. Between the Twitter exodus and the unreality of Goncharov (1973) completely conquering the positioning, there’s actually no higher collaborative social media experiment to be part of. Simply bear in mind, Goncharov (1973) is totally an actual movie, and should you haven’t seen it, there’s most likely a cause for that. You need to put up about it.

As Goncharov (1973) continues to unfold all through the Tumblr-verse and thru the collective consciousness of unreality, you’ll be able to anticipate it to get even weirder, wilder, gayer, and extra layered as time goes on. The sport is an earnest, intelligent second of self-awareness for every person that performs as a result of that is precisely what fandom on Tumblr is like. Goncharov (1973) is enjoyable as a result of customers are each poking enjoyable at themselves and alluring everybody else to be part of the joke. The sport of Goncharov (1973) embodies what many individuals love about Tumblr: an interpretive fandom expertise the place everybody is correct, as a result of nothing is flawed.


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