Into the Odd Is a Fantastically Self-Cannibalizing RPG Constructed on Our bodies

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Beginning gear is decided by consulting a desk, and you’ll be given one thing extremely dry (“Workers, tongs, glue”) or delightfully absurd (“Harpoon Gun, Baton, Acid, barely magnetic”). There are not any explanations given for why you is perhaps barely magnetic, have glowing eyes, or be in possession of a Mutt with telepathy. Arcanum are magical objects, whose origins are likewise unexplained. They’ve names like “Flesh Tome of Babble,” “Hawk of Prosperity” and “Malice Gong.” The flavour of these things is extremely suggestive, and with the roll-of-the-dice mixture of pickaxe and Cranium Magnet, Rock shortly changed into an on-the-lam graverobber—the right setup for the sport construction of Into the Odd, the place everybody’s purpose is to gather worthwhile Arcanum, which is hidden beneath the town of Bastion, and promote it to the best bidder.


The primary setting of Bastion is a metropolis constructed on ruins, which was additionally constructed on ruins, which was additionally constructed on even deeper archaeology. It’s a metropolis remade a dozen instances over, and there’s no actual rationalization for the place or when it’s, simply that it exists on this barely fashionable, magical, tunnel-and-vault fugue state that calls for rogues like Rock and his hapless new good friend, Sir Egwin, dive ever deeper into itself in the hunt for riches and valuables. (Egwin, it have to be mentioned, is a bit daft. He’s greatest described as an Elder Scrolls NPC with extra self-importance than sense.)

Like many OSR video games, there’s little or no separation between what you already know and what your character is aware of; the foundations’ emphasis isn’t on intense character growth or roleplaying, however on being artistic in your method to the ultra-dangerous and mysterious world of the Odd dungeons, and its major metropolis of Bastion. Within the rulebook’s phrases, it’s “the one metropolis that issues.” What occurs if you play Into the Odd is that the flavour of the foundations and setting itself helps encourage gamers to make characters which might be memorable and enjoyable. They may die at any immediate, after all, however there’s a satisfaction in realizing that they earned their deaths. Or perhaps not. Bastion is a merciless metropolis, and its surrounds, much more merciless.


There are hints of rebellion against Bastion in the ruleset, but much more space is devoted to the downtime establishment of enterprise. What good is risking yourself over and over again if you only ever make enough money to afford the next expedition? Clearly, there is a need for income, war, and supporting the imperialist structures that have forced you ever deeper into Bastion’s gutters.

Into the Odd is a tight 60 pages of rules explanations, examples, tables, and encounters. The remaining 80 pages are an entire campaign, “The Iron Coral.” One part is comprised of a dungeon crawl and the other a hex crawl, and the combination is not only an incredibly easy pick-up-and-play setting (you can take any dungeon level or hex and play out the scenario in just a few hours, especially considering how lightweight the character creations are), but also a fantastic guide to Into the Odd’s world and design. “The Iron Coral” is a great template for Referees and game designers to use if they want to create their own Odd adventure.


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One of the great benefits of simple, direct rules is that they allow the lore to become such an intrinsic part of the game that it would be impossible and completely miss the point of the game if you attempted to separate the ruleset from the setting itself. Author Chris McDowall has really sunk his teeth into creating the kinds of details that make for both an interesting, fun game and a blistering commentary on OSR RPGs in general. To remove one or the other would break apart the self-satirizing concept of Into the Odd.


The book is an earnestly attempted parody of OSR, looting your own land-as-imperialism, and English mores about class. Within its tight, highly playable ruleset is a critique of the human churn that OSR—and highly dangerous manual labor—requires. All of this is accompanied by art from Johan Nohr, whose collages use public area and overpainting to create designs which might be each acquainted and haunting. The photographs from the previous are lower up, pasted over, and made new, eerie, and compellingly horrible. The form of signpost that ought to learn “preserve out” and as a substitute invitations you in for a more in-depth have a look at the element.

Into the Odd is a self-cannibalizing premise, one which insists you could make it wealthy for those who solely have the energy to crawl over the our bodies of your siblings to get again to the floor. I bear in mind asking throughout character creation, what’s a physique, anyway? My Referee simply shrugged. You’ll be able to all the time, he mentioned, make a brand new character.


Into the Odd is on the market to pre-order by way of Free League Publishing. Will probably be accessible October 4.

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