“Home of the Dragon”‘s Vhagar Is the Oldest Dragon Left Standing

Vhagar the dragon

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The primary season of “House of the Dragon” is, as promised, crammed with all sorts of dragons, from Daemon’s purple Caraxes to Rhaenyra’s hovering Syrax. However in episode six, one dragon steps into the highlight: Vhagar. Within the episode, which aired Sept. 26, Vhagar is seen together with her rider, Laena Velaryon, and he or she performs a pivotal function in Laena’s death. In episode seven, which aired Oct. 2, a combat over the dragon sows much more discord into the factions — the blacks and the greens — preventing over the throne. We’re breaking down the origins of this legendary dragon and the place she’ll most likely go from right here.

Who Is Vhagar?

Vhagar is without doubt one of the oldest dragons nonetheless dwelling throughout “Home of the Dragon.” Vhagar was claimed by Visenya Targaryen, who flew the dragon alongside her brother (and husband) Aegon the Conqueror when he conquered Westeros. Aegon rode on Balerion the Black Dread, whose cranium has a spot of honor in King Viserys‘s Crimson Preserve. Aegon’s different sister-wife, Rhaenys, rode on Meraxes, and each died throughout the First Dornish Warfare.

Visenya died in 44 AC (so 44 years after the conquest), and Vhagar had no rider for 29 years. That is when Prince Baelon — Viserys’s father — claimed the dragon. Baelon died in 101 AC, leaving Vhagar riderless once more.

Within the second episode of “Home of the Dragon,” Laena talks to Viserys about Vhagar and the way she’s gone lacking. Laena has heard rumors that Vhagar is nesting someplace within the Slender Sea, presumably close to Spice City.

How Did Laena Discover Vhagar?

“Home of the Dragon” would not present how Laena finds Vhagar or how she turns into her rider. Presumably, after Daemon and Laena marry and transfer to Essos, Laena finds the dragon that she’d been on the lookout for since she was a baby and turns into her dragonrider.

That is fairly totally different from how issues go down in the “Fire & Blood” book. Within the e book, Vhagar shouldn’t be lacking, and Laena has claimed the dragon as her mount by the age of 12 (We all know this does not occur in “Home of the Dragon,” since she would not be part of her mom and brother on dragonback on the way in which to Rhaenyra’s wedding).

Within the e book, as soon as Laena and Daemon marry, they go to Pentos, the place they fly their dragons collectively till she offers delivery to their twins, Rhaena and Baela. Then they return to Driftmark, the place Laena and Rhaenyra, who’s already dwelling on Dragonstone, turn out to be good associates.

Who Rides Vhagar After Laena’s Demise?

Vhagar’s latest rider is be Prince Aemond, son of Alicent and Viserys. After Laena’s funeral at Driftmark, the younger prince sneaks out in the midst of the night time to see if Vhagar will obey him. She does, and he flies off on her. When he returns to the citadel, he is confronted by Laena’s daughters, Rhaena and Baela. They’re quickly joined by their cousins, Jacaerys and Lucerys, who beat up Aemond. However Aemond, older and stronger, has the higher hand, till Jace takes out a knife and slashes his eye.

Issues play out a bit of in a different way in George R.R. Martin’s e book. There, Viserys suggests to Aemond that he go to Dragonstone to say a dragon or hatchling as a strategy to show his boldness. Aemond chooses Vhagar and tries to say her in secret however results in a combat with Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey (who’s nonetheless a child within the present). However in each variations of the story, their conflict solely additional stokes tensions between Alicent and Rhaenyra.

Why Does not Aemond Have a Dragon Already?

Rhaenyra’s three sons — Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey — are all given eggs within the cradle that hatch and develop into the dragons they finally journey. The births of these dragons are seen by many as proof of their true Valyrian heritage. However eggs given to infants and kids — even Targaryen kids — usually do not hatch; in episode six, Rhaena is seen making an attempt in vein to hatch an egg. It appears the eggs given to Alicent’s kids additionally do not hatch, however all of them finally bond with older dragons. Within the sequence, Aegon has already bonded with Sunfyre. Aegon and Aemond’s sister Helaena would not have a dragon but.

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