Well being consultants debunk myths associated to new child care in India

New child care is a vital facet of parenting however in India there are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. It’s important to debunk them to make sure that newborns obtain the absolute best care.

Health experts debunk myths related to newborn care in India (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Well being consultants debunk myths associated to new child care in India (Getty Photographs/iStockphoto)

You will need to concentrate on feeding the child healthy and nutritious meals at every stage as from delivery to at least one yr is a vital interval for a child’s well being and on this part, following the feeding levels is essential. In an interview with HT Life-style, Dr Rachna Verma, Senior Advisor- Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist at Indian Spinal Accidents Centre, debunked the next myths associated to new child care in India –

Fable #1: You must bathe your new child instantly after delivery

Reality: It’s not essential to wash your new child instantly after delivery. Actually, delaying the primary tub for a couple of days may help regulate your child’s physique temperature and stop dry pores and skin.

Fable 2: You must apply kajal to your child’s eyes

Reality: Making use of kajal to your child’s eyes just isn’t really useful as it may well result in eye infections and different issues.

Fable 3: You must therapeutic massage your child with mustard oil

Reality: Whereas therapeutic massage might be useful on your child, utilizing mustard oil just isn’t really useful as it may well trigger pores and skin irritation and different points.

Fable 4: You must keep away from breastfeeding you probably have a chilly or fever

Reality: Breastfeeding is protected and really useful even you probably have a chilly or fever. Actually, breast milk incorporates antibodies that may assist shield your child from infections.

Fable 5: You must keep away from taking your child exterior for the primary few months

Reality: It’s protected to take your child exterior so long as you are taking essential precautions corresponding to dressing your child appropriately and avoiding crowded locations.

Fable 6: You must feed your child on a strict schedule.

Reality: Feeding on demand is really useful for newborns because it helps guarantee they get sufficient vitamins and may help set up a wholesome breastfeeding routine.

Fable 7: You must keep away from utilizing diapers as they’ll trigger diaper rash

Reality: Diapers are protected and handy for newborns, but it surely’s necessary to alter them ceaselessly and use diaper cream to stop diaper rash.

Including to the record of myths, Dr Manju Kumar, Affiliate Advisor – Important Care and Emergency Companies at NH SRCC Hospital in Mumbai, revealed:

1. Fable: Mom’s milk just isn’t adequate to nourish the child and extra exterior milk and dietary supplements are required.

Reality: Breast milk is essentially the most full type of diet for a new child, offering all the mandatory vitamins and antibodies to guard the child from infections.

2. Fable : Many mother and father consider that making use of kajal to the new child’s eyes can shield them from evil eye or keep at bay infections.

Reality: This may really be dangerous as it may well result in eye infections and even imaginative and prescient issues.

3. Fable: Making use of oil on the child’s head make their hair develop quicker or thicker and fill the cranium bone gaps quick.

Reality: Placing an excessive amount of oil could cause pores and skin irritation and pimples. It’s regular to have gaps in new child cranium bones and it fills up as regular developmental course of. Oil doesn’t play any half in filling bone gaps.

4. Fable: The observe of placing oil within the nostril and ears can be a standard fable. Dad and mom consider that it helps to clear the child’s nasal passages and stop infections.

Reality: This observe is vey unsafe and may really result in infections and even respiratory misery if the oil enters the lungs.

5. Fable: Care of the umbilical twine stump. Some consider that making use of substances like turmeric or cow dung may help to dry out the stump quicker.

Reality: This may result in infections and delay the therapeutic course of. You will need to maintain the twine stump clear and dry and to hunt medical consideration if there are any indicators of an infection.

6. Fable: Teething causes fever and diarrhea

Reality: There isn’t a scientific proof to assist this declare. Teething could trigger some discomfort and fussiness, but it surely mustn’t trigger fever or diarrhea.

7. Fable: Newborns ought to sleep by the evening from delivery.

Reality: Nevertheless, newborns have small stomachs and must eat ceaselessly, which suggests they might get up each few hours to eat. Newborns usually sleep for 16-17 hours a day, however their sleep is usually interrupted by feedings and different wants.

It is necessary for fogeys to concentrate on these myths and to hunt correct data from healthcare professionals. By understanding one of the best practices for new child care, mother and father can make sure the well being and well-being of their treasured little ones.



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