Distant Star or Smoked Sausage? Astronomer Apologizes After Joke Tweet Goes Viral

Étienne Klein Apologizes for Tweet Saying a Sausage Was a Star


The tweet was favored and retweeted by greater than 20,000 thousand individuals earlier than Klein revealed that the picture was, in reality, a chunk of Spanish smoked sausage, not the closest star to the Solar. Klein later apologized to those that fell for the joke, including that he “merely wished to induce warning with photographs that appear eloquent on their very own.”

Klein’s edible stint comes weeks after the first images captured by JWST have been broadly shared on-line, with individuals marveling at the great thing about the cosmos captured intimately by the world’s greatest area telescope. On the similar time, issues of cosmic nature are very simply misinterpreted, and it’s straightforward to magnify occasions happening exterior of our planet. Just observe click-bait headlines that warn of incoming asteroids, menacing black holes, and violent photo voltaic eruptions.


It’s a hilarious joke, and blowhards ought to depart Klein alone. His intention with the little hoax was to advise individuals to proceed with warning when absorbing details about celestial objects. And that maybe typically what you might even see as a burning ball of fuel positioned about 4 gentle years away from Earth is nothing greater than some sliced pork sausage.


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