Can ingesting an excessive amount of water result in demise? This is what an professional says

Consuming the correct quantity of water has innumerable advantages. From relieving constipation to maintaining UTI away to sustaining the steadiness of fluids in physique, almost all well being consultants would recommend you to drink the obligatory 8-10 glasses of water each day for good well being. Some individuals are likely to take this most handy recommendation approach too severely and gulp down enormous quantities of water all through the day anticipating that fast weight reduction or liver detox. However does extra quantity of water actually assist or in some uncommon circumstances can flip lethal? (Additionally learn: 5 benefits of munakka water for gut)

Dr Sudhir Kumar, Senior Guide Neurologist, Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad not too long ago tweeted about risks of getting extra water that included demise and different severe well being points. While you drink extra water than is required, it may upset the steadiness of electrolytes and reduce sodium to dangerously low ranges. It’s referred to as water intoxication and will trigger signs like confusion, nausea and vomiting in delicate instances and coma, seizures and demise in extreme instances.

“Water is life-saving and is crucial for survival. Nonetheless, ingestion of extra quantities of water, particularly over a brief time period can result in severe well being hazards, together with demise,” tweeted Dr Sudhir Kumar.

Dr Kumar says whereas the traditional requirement of water is 2.5 to three litres per day there’s a false impression that ingesting extra water is sweet for well being.

“Some individuals can drink extra water on account of psychiatric sicknesses. Athletes can overestimate fluid loss and drink an extra quantity of water,” tweeted the professional.

An excessive amount of water can disturb the steadiness of sodium and water within the blood. Acceptable consumption of water is as a lot vital as consuming proper meals or getting good high quality sleep,” says Shetty.

“Hydration is essential and never ingesting water can result in varied issues. Nonetheless, do you know ingesting an excessive amount of water can result in water intoxication. It occurs when the salt and different electrolytes in your physique will get diluted and your kidney can’t flush out all of the water by way of urine,” Smitha Shetty, Way of life Nutritionist had earlier instructed HT Digital.

“An excessive amount of water can disturb the steadiness of sodium and water within the blood. Acceptable consumption of water is as a lot vital as consuming proper meals or getting good high quality sleep,” provides Shetty.

“Drink(ing) extra water may cause bloating, polyurea, hyponatraemia (assumed to be the reason for Bruce Lee’s demise), swelling, poor metabolism, and so on.Water proportion can’t be mounted, it varies in line with seasons, your bodily actions and your mind-body structure (Prakriti). So do not get into statistics of it, simply watch your urine. It should not be smelly or yellowish. Drink as a lot water because it takes so that you can maintain it odourless and crystal clear. That”s the correct quantity (amount) of water your physique wants, not 1 glass extra or 1 glass much less,” Ayurveda professional Dr Dixa Bhavsar stated in her latest Instagram put up on how a lot water is good for good well being.

How a lot water may be dealt with by a wholesome particular person?

Elaborating on the best quantity of water an individual ought to drink, Dr Kumar says “wholesome kidneys can deal with 800-1000 ml of water/hr. Individuals with kidney, coronary heart or liver illness can deal with lesser quantities of water. If extra water consumption occurs quickly (over 1-2 hours), regular kidneys can’t deal with that.”

Consequence of extreme water consumption

Dr Kumar says extra water consumption results in hyponatremia i.e. low sodium stage within the blood. He provides that this results in passage of water into the mind cells, resulting in mind swelling and that signs depend upon sodium stage and extent of mind swelling.

Signs of water intoxication

– In delicate instances, signs are lethargy, nausea and dizziness

– In reasonable instances, signs are confusion, vomiting and agitation.

– In extreme instances, signs are seizures, coma and demise in some instances.

What’s the remedy for water intoxication?

Dr Kumar says in case you discover any signs, you have to seek the advice of a physician and examine sodium stage.

“Low sodium is corrected by proscribing fluid consumption and by saline injections. Speedy correction of low sodium needs to be prevented as that may result in mind harm,” he provides.



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