20 Glasgow dialect phrases that do not imply what non-locals suppose they imply

The Glasgow dialect is usually cited as one of the impenetrable for guests to know.

Individuals have a method of talking right here that’s so distinctive it deserves its personal special dictionary simply to present non-locals an opportunity of understanding us.

And whereas the Glaswegian accent is without doubt one of the most distinctive within the UK, it is also our turn-of-phrase that makes us stand out.

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For many who grew up in Glasgow, these are simply understood – however for these outdoors a G postcode – they’ll simply be complicated.

When you’re a stranger to town, you have possible felt a bit baffled listening to sure phrases resembling “lumber” or “coupon” and never understanding the that means or context.

This listing is not supposed to be complete, so if there are any you’re feeling we should always have included, tell us on our social media channels, or remark beneath.


A traditional case of a typical phrase within the English language meaning one thing utterly completely different in Glasgow. Most folks within the UK head to their nearest timberyard for his or her lumber, however right here in Glasgow we want to move all the way down to Bamboo or Sub Membership as a lumber means taking residence a date after an evening out.


Belter has a couple of meanings right here in Glasgow. It may imply one thing that was good or pleasant; e.g.: ‘that fish supper wis a belter’, nevertheless it may also be utilized in a derogatory solution to describe an unattractive man or girl. Glasgow singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon helped popularise the time period to a wider viewers in 2017 together with his music “Belter”.


In Glasgow a “sook” has nothing to do with the Arabic market and is used as a substitute to explain somebody who’s a “suck up”.

Sq. go

To the untrained ear, it might sound as if a sq. go might have one thing to do with Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders, however belief us, it is not fairly as protected and cuddly as that… A sq. go is what we name a one-on-one battle, typically with out the usage of weapons.


When you do not fancy a sq. go, you could select to “bolt”. This one’s pretty self-explanatory.


Used to convey embarrassment or humiliation, a “riddy” is what occurs while you get one thing mistaken in an article and somebody calls you out publicly on Twitter or Reddit. Also referred to as a beamer. This has by no means occurred to us after all.

The boak

Boak is an onomatopoeic phrase which is usually utilized in Glasgow instead of vomit, nevertheless it may also be used to convey a way of queasiness. E.g.: ‘The scent of dug meals gi’e’s me the boak’.


In America, a chunk is a slang phrase for firearm, however right here in Glasgow it is what we name any sort of home made sandwich. Very completely different vitality.


All through the English-speaking world a ‘greeting’ is a pleasant, optimistic factor. In Glasgow, nonetheless, it brings up visions of stubbed toes and Scotland getting knocked out the Euros.

Roon ye

Roon ye is what we are saying to one among our mates when our group has simply overwhelmed theirs within the native derby.


In regular circumstances, a ‘winch’ is what you may want when your automotive breaks down, nevertheless it has a really completely different that means in Glasgow. In actual fact, you do not even want a automotive, although it may possibly assist. A winch is a kiss.


When you dinghy somebody in Glasgow, it is normally since you’re too busy pursuing a winch or lumber.


Burst is that feeling we get once we’ve consumed a wee bit an excessive amount of alcohol the evening earlier than.

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Nothing to do with the act of making ready Sunday lunch, a roaster is a derogatory time period right here in Glasgow meaning dafty or fool.


When used as a noun, boot is a derogatory time period normally used to explain an disagreeable girl.


Outsiders would assume that ginger is used completely to check with folks with purple hair, however not in Glasgow. Right here it is what we name just about any sugary mushy drink.

Cooncil juice

Whenever you need to lay off the ginger for a bit, you would possibly whet your thirst with a glass of cooncil juice (faucet water) as a substitute.


Mince (normally served with totties) has a few meanings right here in Glasgow. When it is used as adjective although it is to explain one thing that is dangerous or of poor high quality.


Whereas it may possibly additionally describe vouchers or betting slips, a coupon in Glasgow is somebody’s head. For instance, you may have a “burst coupon” after having method an excessive amount of to drink, however you may even have a “burst coupon” from one group wrecking your accumulator. Sure, it is complicated.


Whereas it might sound as if all kids in Glasgow are known as “Wayne”, this isn’t the case. “Wean” is just a shortening of “wee one”.


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